A Romantic Adventure In An Antique Car

Many novels have been written about such classic experiences. The setting would have to be around the first half of the previous century. But as late as the twenty first century, how does one define an antique car these days. It could well be that you would wish to refer to a prized classic model from the seventies. And why not? This might have been your dream. But the popular consensus remains for a yearning for the thirties.

It is difficult for anyone today to own their own antique car. It can be frightfully expensive and you would really need to be a motoring enthusiast with all the mechanical skills to boot. But everyone can have a romantic adventure in an antique car if they so choose. It does not have to be their own car. For the day or the weekend, they can simply hire antique car transport. They will not be driving to the ends of the earth and it is ideally just a drive out into the countryside to add to the aura of the occasion.

You need not embarrass your blushing bride. A romantic adventure in an antique or classic car can make you and she feel like a king and queen for the day. To learn how to drive such a car may take some doing, but in the meantime, you can be chauffeur driven. Just like the rich and famous. And just like the characters in timeless classics which require you to turn the pages. You can be the real story and you need not page through a classic book to visualize this classic adventure.

You and your best loved can experience a romantic adventure in an antique or classic car for real.

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